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  1. Integrated implementation of the 2030 Agenda in cities and city regions
  2. Cities and Regions for Better Transport
  3. Goal Sustainable Cities and Communities | The Global Goals

View goal targets. Global Goals Week. Five plans for carbon neutrality.

Harvesting water, cultivating hope. In Jamaica, students, unemployed young people, and prisoners on the road to rehabilitation are learning how to grow plenty of food in areas where…. Data contributes to clean air in Skopje. Guardians of the forest. A booming economy brings challenges.

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  • WHO | Strategies for healthy, sustainable cities.

Bangladesh climate migrants build new lives. In one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, UNDP is helping families adapt and thrive. The slum dwellers usually have to contend with social, physical and economic exclusion. They experience poor housing conditions, inadequate access to the basic services e. Youth and women are often worse off if they live in slums. Youth, women and children, particularly girls, face certain risks in cities.


Integrated implementation of the 2030 Agenda in cities and city regions

These include discrimination, increased vulnerability, violence, and harassment. Other stigmatised members of society e.

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  8. Unplanned urbanisation also affects vulnerable ecosystems and agricultural land on which people also rely on for survival. In spite of the beneficial efficiencies of being compact, most cities are large-scale users of energy, water and processed and natural products and also major generators of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond the inefficiency and overconsumption, material flows remain linear instead of circular in most cities.

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    Even with all the limitations, cities present unparalleled opportunity. With better management, they can offer hope, jobs and growth, while ensuring sustainability. A sustainable urban environment has great possibilities for humanity with regards to better equability, stronger social cohesion, economic growth, enhanced environmental results and general human development.

    Cities and Regions for Better Transport

    Proper urbanisation is also the key to eradicating poverty. Sustainable infrastructure built today is going to have major implications for future cities throughout the world. Listed below are the main targets of the Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG that are all intended to be achieved by For instance, the Consultation on Population Dynamics noted that through leveraging the anticipated urban growth, cities can easily accommodate rising demographic demands, while strengthening links to rural areas.

    City of the Future: Singapore – Full Episode - National Geographic

    In Inequalities Consultation, participants suggested that urban segregation get tackled through participatory policy-making and inclusive policies that included the youth. Meanwhile, Environmental Sustainability contributes and emphasised the importance of addressing unplanned urbanisation, changing climate conditions, rural to urban migration and its related risks. Finally, in Governance, contributors discussed how to localise sustainable development. Achieving the SDG goal of sustainable cities and communities will necessitate interlinking various sectoral challenges and using more evidence-based, relevant policies derived from population data.

    Goal Sustainable Cities and Communities | The Global Goals

    Zooming in on the youth question, the thesis examined the relevance of the city regional scale for young people. My reflections on trying to engage — both the city regional leaders and young people — crystallised in sober scrutiny of engagement, in terms of time, effort and outcomes. This grounded application of the initial conceptual framework uncovered opportunities and barriers for regenerative city regional development. The study is not an extensive investigation, as it would have been impossible to map all the existing collaborations in South East Wales.

    Instead, the thesis aims to give a flavour of the possibilities that city regions host, as soon as the governance structure opens to other ideas and stakeholders. Axinte, L.

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    Regenerative city-regions: a new conceptual framework.