Guide Primerica- Selling the Dream and Not the Nightmare

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  3. Anyone ever hear/work for Primerica?
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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Although many people look at the Do-Not-Call list as a disadvantage, it actually can help you. Our Primeric Although many people look at the Do-Not-Call list as a disadvantage, it actually can help you. Our Primerica ebook answers the following questions: Should I recruit off of the "law of large numbers" or just focus on quality people who can produce? How can I generate leads for mortgage, insurance and investment clients?

How can I completely eliminate chargebacks forever? Can I honestly sell the dream even though my upline is a disaster waiting to happen?!! Get A Copy.

Art Williams: Selling the Dream (Audio Only)

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Multi-level marketing

Community Reviews. MLM in the worst way, and lawsuits to boot. I almost got sucked into this a few years back being disillusioned with my current job, but thankfully came to my senses. The "meetings" have a very "cult-like" feel to them. They wouldn't leave me alone for a month and some of the things they said in messages left on my voicemail were very cruel. Just pay no attention and get out now before he starts talking about quitting his day job and doing Primerica full-time!!!

Primerica- Selling the Dream and Not the Nightmare by J.D. Lopez

Joined Dec 3, Your intuition sounds like it is right on the mark- Run Away! Joined Dec 8, My friend worked for them for 1 year. They are a legit company, but you are required to build you r own business from the ground up. It's a high-pressure sales job like American Express Financial services and they WILL fire you if you do not make the cut so they can give your leads to someone else to work. Good luck! Joined Jun 7, My brother and SIL both got sucked into Primerica for a very short time. During this time they went out of state to a "seminar" and got even more sucked in.

Anyone ever hear/work for Primerica?

I did not do any business with them, nor did anyone else. They lost interest and decided to "bow out".

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They got more harrassment from the members than they ever have in their entire life! In fact, my brother filed a restraining order against 3 people in his "group" and a police report.

Joined Feb 10, Legitimate company but after you do your homework you will understand why it's not a good idea. We were approached by a relative about it same relative who tried to get us into Amway a few years earlier. Joined Jan 28, Joined Nov 5, Every single time my husband or I would refresh our resumes on Monster, they would call. It didn't matter that we were computer people. They are relentless. No matter how many times my DH told them to stop calling they didn't.

They give Citicorp a really really bad name. Kellydelly DIS Veteran.

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Joined Aug 25, We bought our life insurance through Primerica and aftewards they would call all the time offering a business opportunity to my husband, like they were a headhunting company. My husband is an engineer too, and makes good money being one so I could never figure out why they kept calling our house! I finally told them to bug off and quit calling him. Joined Dec 6, My daughter met a recruiter at a job fair 2 years ago.

They still call and she lives miles away now. Just venting. Joined Jan 16, Terrible company!

What you will learn from this book:

I started a networking group with a guy from there who joined as a Financial Advisor. As soon as we had a few members, he started pressuring them to join him. He was also always asking us to find recruits for him. When he did do insurance or a financial plan for someone, he always tried to get them to do Primerica as well. Since then I have asked around more and they have a terrible reputation. Very much a mob mentality.

Thanks for the info everyone. DH was supposed to take the all day insurance class today and tomorrow, but after we talked more about it this morning and I was able to pull up a boatload of unsettling information through Google he decided not to do it. He did go to the meeting to tell his colleague in person, and he said they didn't pressure him and they even said they would refund his money, but we'll see about that one. Thankfully, he paid with a credit card. I'm glad he finally came to his senses because after reading all the information out there about Primerica, I only shudder to think about what may have happened. The whole thing was just too creepy to me. Great news!! I'm so glad you're not involved with them. What a nightmare! Joined Dec 15, I have a BiL who got sucked into this company a few months ago. He lost a bunch of money for "training" but, as soon as he ran out of leads for his handler, they dropped him.