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1. Introduction
  1. Game Theory and Applications - 1st Edition
  2. Classification of games
  3. Models, theory and applications in cooperative game theory

Roth for his work on game theory. A table-top game is described where students play the role of a terrorist group seeking to attack an urban subway and then act as security planners charged with protecting it. Game theory and other simulations show that, if potential criminal offenders are sufficiently deterrable, increasing the conditional probability of punishment given violation can reduce the amount of punishment actually inflicted, by "tipping" a situation from its high-violation equilibrium to its low-violation equilibrium.

Classic work from discusses basic concepts of game theory and its applications for military, economic, and political problems, as well as its usefulness in decisionmaking in business, operations research, and behavioral science. Featured The study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent, rational decisionmakers, game theory is also known more descriptively as interactive decision theory.

Barnato, Amber E. Bartels, Elizabeth M. Bracken, Jerome Brown, Marie E. Brown, Sharon Brown, Thomas A. Cave, Jonathan Chan, Edward W. Darilek, Richard E.

Game Math Theory - VECTORS

Gale, David Girshick, M. Jackson, Brian A. Johnson, David E. Kahn, Herman Kalisch, G. Karasik, Theodore W. Kennedy, John L. Kilmer, Beau Kitchen, Joseph W.

Kleiman, Mark A. Klein, Robert Krentel, W. Larson, Eric V.


Game Theory and Applications - 1st Edition

Lasalle, J. Lempert, Robert J. Lewis, Matthew W. Lingel, Sherrill Lucas, W. Maletic, Amy L. Mann, Irwin Maschler, M. McKinsey, J. Mearsheimer, J. Mesic, Richard Midler, Joseph L. Nelson, Christopher Nering, E. Nichiporuk, Brian Parker, Andrew M. Peleg, B. Petersen, W. Popper, Steven W. Quine, W. Ricketts, Daniel Robinson, Thomas W.

Rohn, Laurinda L.

Classification of games

Rosengart, Matthew R. Rydell, C. Shelton, Shoshana R. Sherman, Seymour Shlapak, David A. Shubik, Martin Snow, R. Snyder, Jack L. Strauch, Ralph E. Thrall, R.

Models, theory and applications in cooperative game theory

Williams, John D. Wilson, Peter A.

1st Edition

Viewed 1k times. I am not Paul Erdos. Michael Greinecker Michael Greinecker 8, 3 3 gold badges 39 39 silver badges 60 60 bronze badges. And this ancient wisdom: Marshall, A.

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Igor Rivin Igor Rivin Eilon Eilon 1 1 silver badge 9 9 bronze badges. Alec Rhea Alec Rhea 1, 1 1 gold badge 12 12 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. The content is on the set theory side. That is, advanced game-theoretic considerations don't play a real role here.

These are specific games with stuff 'behind the basic definitions', as requested. The games are defined in terms of large cardinals, but the only game-theoretic principles used are open and clopen determinacy. Put another way: what purely game-theoretic results are used here? For what it's worth, I am familiar with - and quite enjoy - the paper, I just don't think it's suited to this particular question. This paper is a bit of an odd application of game theory to pure mathematics as it is replacing certain set-theoretic principles with game-theoretic ones, but I personally find this to be a very rich and interesting intersection.

But this doesn't use any more game theory. This paper falls into a long tradition of examining the "logical content" of determinacy principles from reverse math through set theory to class theory ; some study complicated determinacy principles e. I don't think this constitutes an advanced game-theoretic idea.

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