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  1. Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East 1952
  2. Presidential Years Exhibit

Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East 1952

This complex picture was captured in the varied pages of Life magazine, which chronicled life in the U. The main focus of this area is Life magazine, and covers and layouts from the periodical concerning a wide range of social, political, and economic issues cover the walls. Two vertically-oriented monitors each the same size as a Life magazine cover are embedded in the wall and each run a four minute video program of period ads, with a soundtrack with Ella Fitzgerald's "Not For Me" and Mel Torme's "Heart and Soul.

Some of these focus on aspects of life in Independence and Kansas City during the time period.

The London smog of is one of history's most important air pollution episodes in terms of its impact on science, public perception of air pollution, and government regulation. The association between health and air pollution during the episode was evident as a strong rise in air pollution levels was immediately followed by sharp increases in mortality and morbidity.

source link However, mortality in the months after the smog was also elevated above normal levels. An initial government report proposed the hypothesis that influenza was responsible for high mortality during these months. Estimates of the number of influenza deaths were generated using multiple methods, indicating that only a fraction of the deaths in the months after the smog could be attributable to influenza. Sensitivity analysis reveals that only an extremely severe influenza epidemic could account for the majority of the excess deaths for this time period.

Such an epidemic would be on the order of twice the case-fatality rate and quadruple the incidence observed in a general medical practice during the winter of These results underscore the need for diligence regarding extremely high air pollution that still exists in many parts of the world.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Presidential Years Exhibit

Journal List Environ Health Perspect v. Environ Health Perspect.

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  3. Time is of the Essence: Walk to town/Run from the fire (The Real Estate Diva Mysteries Book 2);

Because of the change in the date of publication, the present Survey is also being issued as Volume 3, No. The statistical series and trade agreements as regularly published in the Bulletin are given at the end of this Survey and will be continued in future numbers of the Bulletin.

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